E3 2015 – Sony Edition

Colby Butler/ June 20, 2015/ Potent Potables

E3 2015 – Sony Edition

Here’s a summary of my thoughts on the Sony presentation at E3 2015.

The Last Guardian

* Wow. It’s been a long time since this was first announced. Well over 5 years ago. I have to admit, I’d grown cynical and never expected to see this game.
* Wow, this still looks awesome, although I don’t think they’ve updated the visuals much if at all. Not necessary, but an observation nonetheless.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

* Urban decay = awesome!
* Strange story with herds of robot animals
* The natural cover system looks really nice
* It’s nice to see yet another female protagonist

no man’s sky

* Open Universe Sandbox
* You can apparently discover planets and name them?
* You get to travel from interstellar space, all the way down to a first-person view on the surface of the planet. Nice! I’ve wanted this game for a long, long, time.


* Sounds amazing
* Players create their own “Dream” which is a watercolor/clay inspired 3D canvas for still or animated scenes
* All dreams are connected and shared
* I wonder how steep the learning curve will be for this


* Nice art style
* Interesting narrative
* Voice acting seems spot-on.
* I like having the voice of the radio operator to guide you through and keep you company.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

* Wow. Old ass game
* I’m probably one of the few people to say “Meh…”

Project Morpheus

* Virtual Reality
* Looks like it has compelling games
* I’m firmly in wait and see territory

####Playstation View
* A-la-cart TV is nice but how many channels?
* Good for hardcore PS4 people, but otherwise “Meh…”

That’s it for my coverage of the Sony event. Anything else I didn’t mention either didn’t strike me as worth mentioning or was covered by myself elsewhere. With both the Last Guardian and the FF7 announcement, I think Sony had a strong showing this year. Some years, E3 has been a big letdown, but both MS and Sony seem to have put in some real work on their lineups this year. We’ll see how the horserace goes this year!

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