E3 2015 – Microsoft Edition

Colby Butler/ June 18, 2015/ Potent Potables

E3 2015 – Microsoft Edition


Here’s a compilation of my thought regarding the E3 2015 Microsoft press conference. This is much closer to a cleaned up list of notes jotted down while watching the presentation. I feel that it’s important to account for the emotional impact of the presentation, so I decided to allow that to shine through by keeping my notes as close to original as possible.

Halo 5: Guardians

  • Nathan FIllion in Halo? That guy’s awesome. Sweet!
  • Besides being based on the Halo IP, this actually looks rather boring.
  • I spent years helping the Master Chief protect the galaxy. Why would I want to start chasing him all over the galaxy all of a sudden like he’s some sort of mustache twirling villain? We put OUR asses on the line to save YOURS people! Wake up! Motivation = 0
  • The squad tactics look interesting. Being able to have one of your squad members take out a flying target or lob a grenade seems pretty useful. It’s weird though because I’ve always felt the core/original Halo narrative was at it’s best as a single player experience.
  • The in-helmet HUD seems kind of claustrophobic for my taste. It seems kind of jarring too when you switch from first to third person view for some of the special moves.
  • Drop-in co-op is always a nice addition!
  • Warzone seems like a nice change of pace from the bland same-y multiplayer in every other online shooter. I just wonder if it will actually be a prominent part of the game, or a side item that can be mostly ignored.


How many times are they going to remind me about their exclusivity deals? Aside from the topic that exclusivity deals are horrible for the consumer, it’s annoying as all hell.


  • Wow, this seems like a genuinely interesting concept for a new franchise.
  • The power orb mechanic seems really cool.
  • The sidekick with replaceable body concept is a really good idea. I can grow attached to my companion but still have access to a multitude of tools.

XBox 360 Backward-Compatibility

  • Xbox 360 backward compatibility is a BIG deal! I’m old enough at this point that I pretty much refuse to repurchase any of my old games on principle. That’s one of the reasons why I avoided getting a new console. This helps with that somewhat.
  • Digital titles will show up automatically. This seems like a no brainer but sometimes I want to cry when I see the hoops they want people to jump through to “convert your account” or “migrate your games”. Well done.
  • Discs work too. It’s sad that this needed to be a line item, but that’s the current state of affairs.
    Multiplayer compatible with 360 owners. Very nice! I half expected multiplayer to not even work at all, or to be isolated to other backward compatibility players. Well done.
  • This is all fine and dandy, but the question on my mind is: Are they going to abandon backwards compatibility like they did on the original XBox or the way Sony abandoned it on the PS3? Only time will tell.
  • No developer changes needed, just approval? To me this sounds like they have a very robust, almost complete backwards compatible solution. If so, that’s pretty impressive.

Xbox Elite Controller

  • Wow, tons of tweaking features and interchangeable parts.
  • Key remapping built in? Well done!
  • I wonder if this will work on the PC ;)

Fallout 4

  • Not much new here compared to the Bethesda presentation
  • Fallout 3 is included with Fallout 4. That’s a nice little bonus.
  • PC mods will be able to be played on the Xbox One for free. This is huge for console users. That’s historically been one of the key downsides for the console versions of games.
  • The only potential problems I foresee are with patches. What happens when you have to patch a bug on the PC but the developers don’t want to pay $10K or whatever the fee is for patching on Xbox Live?

EA Access

  • Early access to new games
  • Adding Titanfall to the EA Access Vault
  • Adding Dragon Age Inquisition to the vault
  • Free vault access all week during E3
  • Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2
  • I still don’t like you, EA
  • :/

Forza 6

  • New cars
  • “Prettier” but that’s it
  • That seemed rather half-hearted honestly

Dark Souls 3

  • Noting special here: prettier and it looked like some of the bosses might be bigger. Otherwise, that’s it

The Division

  • Seems interesting…
  • But it’s probably just another bland multiplayer shooter
  • Ubisoft, so I’m not hopeful
  • Xbox exclusive: first crack at the beta, how nice :/

Rainbow Six Siege

  • Destructible environments
  • Rainbow Six Vegas and Vegas 2 will be backwards compatible and free with Siege.
  • Looks like the Rainbow Six I remember, so nothing groundbreaking, just more of the same. That’s good for people who miss it.


  • Free to play on Xbox One and Windows 10
  • This makes me think of TF2 meets that Blizzard game (Overwatch) for some reason

Indie Titles


Goat Simulator



  • Jim Guthrie on the soundtrack is almost a “’Nuff said” for me
  • Loving the art style
  • The point of view is weird, but might work out OK


Ark: Survival Evolved

  • PS4 Trailer BTW
    • Which doesn’t tickle my fancy BTW


Mean Greens

  • Looks novel enough to possibly be interesting
  • (Sorry, no video!)



  • Looks very compelling. I’ll be looking into this.
  • Xbox and PC releases
  • Was that character just using sign language? Nice!



  • Harsh open-world environment
  • Nice art direction thisWow!


Beyond Eyes

  • Xbox and PC
  • Blind protagonist
  • Wonderful watercolor art style
  • Wow!



  • 1930’s cartoon style is compelling
  • OH MY GOD, it looks exactly like a cartoon. I never realized I wanted this so badly
  • Amazing!
  • Apparently the AAA crew just doesn’t do it for me any more because the Indie crew just blew my socks off.
Xbox Game Preview
  • Early access program with a free trial before you decide to buy (Good idea!)


The Long Dark

  • Nice art style
  • Female protagonist



  • I like how this has the family angle going on.


Elite Dangerous

  • Meh



  • Meh



  • Might be fun, but I have no clue what it’s actually about.
Tomb Raider

* Meh
* Snow
* Jumpy stuff

Rare Replay (30 Game Bundle)

  • Perfect Dark
  • RC Pro-Am
  • Battle Toads
  • Solar Jetman! Oh snap!
  • 30 games, $30

Sea of Thieves

  • Multiplayer pirate
  • Ships and ship-to-ship combat!
  • Nice cartoony art style (Rare’s specialty)

Fable Legends

  • Watching this trailer reminds me of Fable
  • I guess i was right
  • F2P Fable!?
  • Works across platforms with Win 10


  • Microsoft working with Valve software on 3D
  • Xbox One controller included with Oculus Rift by streaming through Windows 10

Microsoft Hololens / Minecraft

  • Hololens with Mojang?
  • 3D Minecraft world on your table with Hololens
  • My 12 year old daughter is tripping! Almost on the brink of tears.
  • Watch and interact with other players

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

  • Complete Gears (1,2, and 3) with updated visuals

Gears of War 4

  • Nice wind effects
  • Looks nice

And that’s it for my coverage of the Microsoft press event at E3 2015. I think Microsoft put up a solid if not boring (for my taste at least) showing. Thanks for reading! On to the next presentation!

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